Hardwood Tree Museum Represents at Smokey the Bear Festival

SmokeyBearRepresentatives from the Hardwood Tree Museum braved the heat to participate in last weekend’s Smokey the Bear Festival in Clarksville, Arkansas. The event was put on to honor the famous bear’s 70th birthday and included several family-oriented events for the community.

Museum Board Members set up an outdoor display area. And although they were out in the sun without much shade, everyone involved seemed to have a good time.

They enjoyed talking to the public about the items on display, about the Museum overall, and about some of their upcoming events.

Here are just a few photos from the Festival…

The Museum's display

The Museum’s display


Bow hand crafted by Duane Heidelberg from native Osage Orange stock


Hand-carved leaf collage

Board member Bob Gillson and ol' Smokey himself

Board member Bob Gillson and ol’ Smokey himself

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